How Mojros Address Resolver can be a Boon to Indonesia


The eCommerce market in Indonesia has been increasing for the past few years. A study by eCommerceDB has predicted the online commerce market volume to reach 66,655.1 million USD by 2027. This burgeoning e-commerce sector and the country's diverse geography make its logistics landscape dynamic and complex. Last-mile delivery fulfillment, an essential part of enhancing customer satisfaction, can become challenging with an increasing number of customers. It can be even more daunting without accurate and efficient management of addresses. This is where an address resolver becomes essential.

Why there is a need for address resolver in Indonesia

Many reasons make it essential for businesses to have an address resolver for their logistics operations in Indonesia. The most important ones include the following:

Geographical complexities

Indonesia is an archipelagic landscape comprising thousands of islands, each with a unique addressing system and local nuances. This can often lead to ambiguous or incomplete addresses, making accurate location identification a considerable issue.

Urban and rural differences

People living in Indonesia's urban areas may be proficient in international languages like English. But many in rural areas may still prefer using their native tongue. This can frequently lead to address confusion as the direct translation from native language to English may not give proper results.

Last-mile delivery issues

With a proper address resolver, drivers may be aware of all nearby delivery addresses, forcing them to return to the same place for another delivery. This can lead to increased last-mile logistics costs. An address resolver identifies all delivery spots within an area and makes assignments accordingly.

How Mojro's Geowyse is the best address resolver for Indonesia

Geowyse from Mojro is an AI-powered phrase analytics engine that can perform accurate address resolutions. This solution converts raw addresses into a standard format using an NLP-based address resolver in real time. The geo-resolver also has numerous advanced features like spatial normalization, localized interpretation, abbreviation expansion, and spell correction. These features will help logistics managers identify the accurate delivery points from the most confusing addresses given. In Geowyse, address components are divided up using a contextualized record-linking solver. This capability helps in quickly identifying the delivery addresses.

Geowyse can quickly resolve bulk addresses and dynamically assign delivery spots depending on the proximity of these addresses. This address resolver can also validate the accuracy of pre-resolved addresses, enhancing operational efficiency. The Machine Learning capabilities of Geowyse enable it to learn and improve its address resolution efficiency continuously.


An address resolver for logistics operations in Indonesia is now not merely a choice but necessary for making accurate and efficient last-mile deliveries. By embracing an advanced address resolver like Mojro, businesses can overcome the challenges posed by Indonesia's diverse addressing systems and enhance customer satisfaction.


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