How to Effectively Handle Your Last Mile During the Festive Season?



As the festive season approaches, businesses across various industries gear up for increased demand and heightened customer expectations. A recent study by Deloitte has indicated that customer spending in India during the festival season is expected to increase across all age groups and categories, despite worries about inflation. This increased spending will also cause challenges in last mile fulfillment, and businesses will need improved strategies and dispatch management software to navigate the complexities of the festive season.

Last mile challenges during the festive season

Some of the major last mile challenges businesses can face during the festive season include the following:

Last-minute orders and high-order volumes

The festive season brings a significant uptick in online shopping, resulting in a sudden influx of orders that can strain the existing logistics and delivery capacities of businesses. This surge often leads to delays in delivery times, decreasing customer satisfaction. Many customers also often make their purchases last minute and expect businesses to deliver them early. This can lead to an increase in last mile delivery strains, affecting delivery efficiency and fulfillment rates. Mojro, with its efficient daily dynamic planning, allows managers to effectively optimize the loads and routes depending on the daily demands. 

Route issues

Urban areas will have increased traffic due to festival shoppers, events, and gatherings. Navigating through congested streets can become challenging for delivery personnel, resulting in delayed deliveries and decreased customer satisfaction. Mojro offers businesses efficient route optimization capabilities allowing them to traverse complex landscapes with relative ease during the festive season.

Order modifications and returns

Last-minute changes in orders or returns are more common during the festive season. These changes can disrupt carefully planned delivery routes and will require quick adjustments. Businesses can handle these changes with the help of an efficient logistics optimization solution like Mojro that offers an efficient Returns Management feature enabling managers to process and execute returns between pick-up and drop schedules. 

Resource allocation

Customers always expect swift deliveries and businesses need to meet these high expectations even with the increased workload during the festive season. Inefficient resource allocation is a common issue during this time that causes delayed last mile deliveries. A future-ready technology like Mojro offers vehicle optimization capabilities. Businesses can use this feature to analyze how many and what kind of vehicles are needed in advance to avoid last-minute delays. Effective optimization can also help in allocating resources efficiently with minimal wastage in case of multi trips.

How Mojro solves the last mile challenges

Mojro offers businesses future-ready solutions to tackle last mile challenges during the festive season. Mojro's Planwyse automates daily planning decisions. This allows business managers to perform load and route optimization based on daily demands. The continuous or ad-hoc planning feature also enables businesses to take last-minute orders into consideration while doing last mile deliveries. The 6D Optimization of Planwyse allows managers to perform proper resource allocation and optimize volume, cost, time, weight, distance, and activity effectively to accommodate the increased orders.

Mojro's Executewyse gives managers, stakeholders, and customers real-time visibility into on-ground delivery processes. Managers can monitor deliveries and make quick decisions based on changing on-ground conditions. This will help them to route drivers through less congested routes ensuring timely deliveries. The returns management of Executewyse allows businesses to process returns efficiently between pick-up and drop-off schedules.


The festive season brings both opportunities and challenges for businesses, particularly in last-mile delivery fulfillment. Businesses can use an AI-powered logistics solution like Mojro to optimize their last mile deliveries and to leave a lasting positive impression on customers during the festive season.


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