Mojro's PlanWyse is The AI' for Logistics Needs


Mojro's PlanWyse is 'The AI' for Logistics Needs


The role of artificial intelligence in logistics is enormous. AI for logistics management has revolutionized how supply chains operate by enabling businesses to optimize their processes and improve efficiency. Studies have shown that AI for logistics is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 42.9% between 2017 and 2023 and reach 6.5 billion USD by 2023. Similarly, it is predicted that by 2035, AI for logistics will boost logistics productivity by more than 40%.


What is Planwyse?


Planwyse is a leading-edge logistics planning solution that allows businesses to make proactive and smart decisions to make their logistics operations efficient. It streamlines situation- and data-based decision-making, adding value across the supply chain.


How Mojro's Planwyse uses AI for logistics optimization?


Mojro's Planwyse is one of the best applications of AI for logistics management. This AI/ML-powered system automates logistics operations and optimizes first- to last-mile delivery processes. Mojro's Planwyse offers several key features businesses can leverage to make their supply chain processes efficient.


Daily dynamic planning


Customer demand can change daily in today's ever-changing business landscape. This means businesses should be able to adapt their logistics system to account for fluctuations happening in the supply chain. Mojro's Planwyse employs artificial intelligence to make planning decisions based on daily demand. The AI-powered system can track the daily changes in demand and optimize the delivery routes to transport goods with maximum efficiency and minimum time.


Advanced planning


Businesses may often find it difficult to handle logistics processes when delivery challenges like ad-hoc orders come in. Logistics planning solutions like Planwyse should be incorporated into the logistics management system to enable businesses to make the right rerouting choices.


Many factors need to be considered while making these choices, including vehicle locations and the distance of the ad-hoc delivery location. The advanced planning feature offered by Planwyse allows businesses to do continuous planning, enabling them to reroute vehicles effectively to handle ad-hoc deliveries without compromising efficiency.


Flexible modeling


The inbound and outbound logistics planning can significantly depend on the business and delivery location. Traffic conditions, terrain, and weather heavily depend on geographical location. The AI-powered Planwyse from Mojro can enable businesses to do flexible modeling to optimize these processes to suit the specific conditions of the location of operation.


What-If modeling


The business landscape and consumer behavior are constantly changing in the logistics industry. This makes it crucial for businesses to be prepared for all kinds of logistics scenarios. Mojro's Planwyse allows businesses to develop models based on what-if scenarios by giving variable inputs. Depending on these inputs, the AI for logistics will be able to generate intelligent decisions that can maximize efficiency in those specific scenarios.




Mojro's PlanWyse is one of the best AI for logistics. This solution offers businesses numerous benefits, including eliminating logistics inefficiencies, enhancing the client experience, effortlessly handling business variability, optimizing costs, routes, weight, volume, and vehicles, and boosting productivity.

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