How to Improve Your FADR Using Mojro


The global eCommerce market is expanding steadily and is expected to reach 62415.2 billion USD by 2030. This growth is ascribed to increasing internet penetration, the accessibility of devices powered by the internet, the rise in social media use, and the promotion of online shopping sites. With increased online shopping, First Attempt Delivery Rate (FADR) has gained more significance in logistics management and last-mile delivery.

What is the first attempt delivery rate (FADR)

FADR can be defined as the amount of last-mile deliveries that a company completes on its first try. Deliveries that are delayed or missed hurt client relationships cause delays in supply chains, raise order processing costs, and harm a company's standing in the marketplace. So, it is crucial to have an efficient and timely delivery performance on the first try.

An improved FADr offers businesses numerous benefits. Some of them include:

  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined delivery processes and optimized routes improve overall operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Timely and successful deliveries boost customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust.
  • Cost Savings: Successful first-time deliveries reduce reattempt costs, fuel consumption, and vehicle wear and tear.
  • Competitive Advantage: A high FADR sets a business apart in a competitive market, signaling reliability and professionalism.

How Mojro help in improving FADR

Mojro, an automated logistics optimization platform, offers businesses many ways to improve their FADR. Planwyse, a logistics planning platform from Mojro, is an AI-driven solution that enables optimization and automation from the first to the last mile. Planwyse allows managers to plan optimal routes depending on daily demands, improving delivery efficiency. This will ensure that FADR is met successfully since businesses can consider numerous constraints while planning routes. The solution also has a flexible modeling feature that makes it easier to plan delivery routes specific to the location of the operation. The constraints manager of Planwyse analyzes more than 125 pre-built constraints to choose the most efficient route.

Executewyse offers enhanced visibility into delivery processes, updating managers on delays or unforeseen circumstances.

This will allow them to make swift decisions to reroute delivery vans so that the deliveries are made successfully, improving FADR.

Inaccurate or unintelligible addresses are one reason for FADR-related issues. Mojro's Geowyse offers AI-driven address resolution capabilities to businesses and converts raw addresses to standard ones. This will again improve FADR by ensuring that all last-mile deliveries are completed successfully.


FADR serves as a vital metric that reflects the effectiveness of a logistics operation and the business's overall success. Companies can significantly enhance their FADR by using a logistics optimization solution like Mojro, focusing on address resolutions, efficient route planning, real-time tracking, and enhanced supply chain visibility.


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