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Staying on top of logistics and supply chain management trends is important for companies to survive in today's competitive business landscape. The supply chain is marred with numerous disruptions, increasing fuel prices, and higher labor costs. Studies show that around 59% of retailers risk going out of business. This makes it essential for companies to remain up-to-date with supply chain management and logistics management trends to satisfy their clients and keep the business running.


Supply chain management trends

Some of the significant trends to look out for in logistics & supply chain management include the following:


AI and ML


Advancements in AI and ML technologies and their applications in supply chain management will be an important supply chain trend in the coming years. The market for AI in supply chains is expected to reach 20,196.6 million USD by 2028, according to a study by Blueweave Consulting. Many areas in supply chain management, like product inspection, demand forecasting, sales forecasting, customer service, and decision-making, can all be enhanced by AI.


Mojro's Planwyse uses AI and ML-powered technologies to plan and optimize first to last-mile deliveries. The AI-powered system eliminates logistics inefficiencies and improves customer experience, improving overall supply chain management.



Visibility into the supply chain processes is essential for effective supply chain management. Reduced supply chain visibility can cause disruptions and loss of money and reputation. Advanced visibility solutions can offer real-time visibility into the supply chain. This will help managers make decisions based on real-time insights.


Mojro's Executewyse offers real-time visibility into the supply chain and predicts delivery times. It also has advanced learning capabilities to improve supply chain efficiency.


Customer centricity

Client satisfaction is one of the most critical factors affecting the success of a business. Customer centricity will be a defining feature of supply chain management strategies in the coming years. Customers today demand quicker and more efficient deliveries.

Mojro's Executewyse allows clients to keep track of their deliveries. The intuitive control tower will enable managers to monitor on-ground vehicles and track deliveries. The delivery routes can be decided depending on the position of the cars. All these improve delivery efficiency and enhances customer experience.


Advanced analytics


Making informed decisions is critical for efficient supply chain management. Advanced analytics can help businesses analyze their performance and make changes in the supply chain to improve it.


Mojro uses advanced technologies to efficiently process on-ground data and allocate the driver and route accordingly. It also enables managers to maximize resource allocation, reduce costs, and enhance client satisfaction.




Business managers should keep track of trends in supply chain management to have an edge over their competitors. Supply chain management's importance cannot be undermined.

A future-ready and automated logistics optimization solution like Mojro can help businesses optimize their logistics operations and improve supply chain management.


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