What is First Mile and Last Mile Delivery?


What is First Mile and Last Mile Delivery?


In today's world, every business, big or small, needs to transfer finished products or raw materials from one place to another. But, this transportation is not as easy as it sounds, nor is it a one-step process. This is when first-mile and last-mile delivery services become relevant. The first and last-mile delivery market is anticipated to reach 288.38 billion USD by 2031.


What is the first-mile and last-mile delivery process?


First-mile deliveries refer to transporting goods from a manufacturing company to a delivery company or warehouse. These goods can originate from any part of the world and can come from any supplier.


Last-mile deliveries refer to transporting goods stored in transportation hubs or retail stores to the client's destination. This is a crucial phase in the supply chain and directly influences customer satisfaction.


Difficulties in first-mile and last-mile delivery procedures


A first-mile and last-mile delivery company can face numerous challenges during logistic operations. Challenges faced during first-mile deliveries include:




First-mile deliveries can encounter difficulties with labeling as merchants often undervalue the significance of accurate labels. Incorrect labels omitting crucial information can be problematic for delivery processes, delaying deliveries.




Sellers often don't adhere to proper packing requirements, causing products to be subpar. Improper packing can also cause stacking issues leading to product damage and delays.


Challenges faced during last-mile deliveries include the following:


Delayed or failed delivery


With rising demand for same-day or same-hour deliveries, companies' most critical challenge is optimizing their last-mile services to improve delivery times. Any delay in last-mile deliveries can decrease customer satisfaction.


No ground visibility


Modern consumers insist on getting real-time updates on the location of their packages. Customers grow wary when they can't trace the deliveries affecting customer satisfaction.




The expenses of last-mile deliveries can increase due to increased idling times, unsuccessful deliveries, improper route optimization, and returns.


How can Mojro improve first-mile and last-mile delivery


Mojro is an efficient first-mile and last-mile delivery software that can help optimize the processes of a first-mile and last-mile delivery company. Mojro's Planwyse helps businesses identify the optimal route for transporting goods with the help of AI-powered route optimization techniques.


The dynamic planning solution in Planwyse will allow businesses to prepare for all kinds of demand changes, including ad-hoc orders. The real-time vehicle tracking offered by Mojro's ExecyteWyse allows businesses to make logistics and rerouting decisions based on on-ground data. ExecuteWyse also enables managers to send updates to customers, improving client satisfaction. Mojro's real-time geo-resolver enables optimum route planning ensuring on-time deliveries and reducing the stress for drivers. The control tower and real-time tracking capabilities help managers monitor ground-level delivery activities as they are happening and adapt instantly to unforeseen changes. 




Managing the logistics requirements of your company can feel time-consuming and expensive. With the help of a solution like Mojro, you can automate the logistics processes in your business and improve your productivity.


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