New Age Models in Logistics Management


Technological development over the past few years has changed the way businesses operate. Significant changes have happened in various industry areas, including the logistics sector. Logistics management is a critical component of business operations. It involves the movement, storage, and flow of goods from one place to another to meet customer demand.

In recent years, new-age models in logistics management have effectively reduced process completion times and significantly increased servicing turnaround times. Businesses must understand different logistics models to implement them in their supply chain.

Why logistic management is important

Logistics management is important for businesses due to a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • It offers enhanced visibility of supply chains.
  • It enables businesses to incorporate smart route planning.
  • Businesses can improve their customer experience.
  • It helps businesses boost their profitability.
  • It increases visibility and transparency, leading to decreased operational costs.
  • Businesses can improve their warehouse management processes using appropriate logistics management techniques.

Various models in logistics management

The different new age-logistics models include the following:

Continuous/ Ad-hoc planning optimization

Effective order planning is highly important in delivery logistics. Businesses may often become overwhelmed with continuous orders disrupting the supply chain. These models, catered to by Mojro, assist businesses in efficiently planning their orders to achieve high customer satisfaction. PlanWyse by Mojro assists businesses in daily dynamic planning, preparing them for all kinds of situations, including sudden and urgent orders.

Sourcing automation

Sourcing materials for business needs at minimum transportation costs is an issue many businesses face, especially those in the perishable goods industry, like dairy. The sourcing automation model for tanker planning by Mojro aids dairy businesses in automating the choice of the milk-sourcing location for their plants by considering network constraints, supply and demand capacity, and minimum transportation costs.

Cross dock-based deliveries

Mulit-leg planning is essential for businesses to reduce the time spent by vehicles on-road and to deliver the product to the end customers in a very limited time to enhance customer experience. The cross dock-based delivery models offered by Mojro, especially for CPG and Pharma companies, allow them to have quick turnover by assisting in choosing the optimal docks. This will also reduce the trips across the legs to deliver the products.

Multi-modal procurement

Customers have expectations of quick and efficient delivery in this digital world. So, it is important for businesses to procure their materials following their warehouse capabilities to satisfy customers. The retail procurement planner offered by Mojro for retail businesses offers them multi-leg, multi-modal, and multi-day optimizers that will help businesses in choosing procurement dates by considering all the constraints. This model also helps businesses honor delivery SLAs.

Social commerce models

Online shopping has drastically increased recently, especially in the post-pandemic era. This has made it essential for eCommerce stores to optimize the delivery of products to dark stores to ensure that the products reach the end customers at an optimal time. The hub-spoke model offered by Mojro will help eCommerce businesses to plan and optimize their distribution requirements. Depending on the demand forecasts, businesses can also automate their deliveries to local distribution centers.


Logistics models in supply chain management are essential for the smooth functioning of the business. New age models for logistics management systems offered by Mojro spanning industries have made it easier for businesses to manage their supply chains better while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The models consider all aspects and challenges the supply chain faces to provide a comprehensive and effective solution.



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