What Is Last Mile Delivery? How It Impacts Overall Logistics?


What Is Last Mile Delivery? How Does It Impact Overall Logistics?

Consumer habits are constantly evolving, especially in the digital business landscape. They want inexpensive and quick deliveries. Many even prefer free deliveries. In fact, 66% of customers expect free shipping on every purchase. Businesses must optimize their delivery plans to boost efficiency while lowering costs to stay competitive. This mostly depends on how a company manages last-mile delivery logistics.


Last mile delivery definition

Knowing the last-mile delivery definition is essential to understand how it impacts overall logistics. Last-mile deliveries are the final leg or end stage of supply chain processes. It deals with delivering goods to the consumer's doorstep from the nearest warehouse or delivery hub.


Last-mile delivery and its impact on logistics

Last-mile delivery is an integral part of a business's supply chain. There are several ways in which last-mile deliveries can impact logistics. These include the following:


Financial efficiency is an important aspect affecting the profitability of a business. The last-mile delivery costs are around 53% of the total logistics costs. This makes last-mile delivery business operations the most significant supply chain and logistics spending.

The last-mile automation and delivery optimization solution Mojro offers improve oversight over delivery operations and minimizes inefficiencies. This, along with continuous performance improvements, reduces logistics costs considerably. Businesses can also reduce operational costs by optimizing their last-mile delivery costs.


Customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers form the backbone of a business. In today's digital landscape, customers want speedy deliveries. Improved last-mile delivery speeds can boost client satisfaction and reduce the costs incurred due to delayed deliveries. Visibility into last-mile delivery processes can also enhance client loyalty since it keeps them updated on product delivery.

Mojro's last-mile automation solution offers real-time tracking and a control tower that can track and oversee delivery operations in real-time and respond quickly to unexpected situations. Utilizing the solution's real-time geo-resolver, businesses can ensure timely deliveries and reduce stress for their drivers. These features offer better visibility, minimize delays, deliver fast orders, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Route planning

Efficient route planning and optimization in last-mile delivery platforms can positively impact overall logistics. Route optimization allows businesses to identify last-mile delivery routes that consume less time and resources.

Businesses can use Mojro's last-mile automation solution to accomplish daily dynamic planning and organize shipments according to geographical areas. The solution allows managers to use adjustable timeframes and abide by the designated delivery timeframe when making decisions. The real-time geo-resolver capabilities of Mojro's last-mile automation solution enable the most efficient route planning, helping to guarantee timely deliveries and reduce strain on drivers.


The modern customer is ever aware of the environmental effects of logistics processes. Many last-mile delivery trends now focus on sustainable delivery and logistics processes. Businesses have now started using environmentally friendly packing materials and greener fuels for delivery vehicles to make their last-mile delivery sustainable.

Mojro's last-mile automation solution enables thoughtful planning and improves vehicle utilization, thereby reducing the total distance traveled by vehicles. This significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint of businesses.



Last-mile delivery plays a crucial role in making a company successful. Logistics managers can strengthen their brand in the industry through effective last-mile delivery logistics optimization by adopting last-mile delivery technology. Mojro, a futuristic logistics optimization solution, can help businesses optimize their last-mile delivery logistics while reducing operational costs and removing delivery inefficiencies.


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