Top 5 Factors that Influence Logistics Planning


If you are a business owner who needs to transport products from one place to another, you know the importance of supply chain management and logistics planning. Several elements can influence successful supply chain activities. For example, COVID-19 caused supply chain disruptions for 38.8% of small firms in the US. This makes it essential to know the factors that influence logistics planning.


Logistics manages various business processes and serves as a solid base for any organization. Its primary priority is ensuring that suitable commodities are delivered to the appropriate locations and times. This requires the companies to have effective and robust logistics capabilities in place.


What is logistics planning?



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Logistics planning entails gathering pertinent supply chain data and creating a strategy to guarantee a steady flow of products. This is accomplished while ensuring the commodities reach the consumers as promptly as possible. Logistic planning aims to accomplish this economically with room to develop as budgets and sales increase. Logistics planning processes can differ a bit based on the industry the business belongs to.


What is the importance of logistics planning?


Logistics planning is essential for timely deliveries, eliminating logistics inefficiencies, and improving customer satisfaction. AI/ML-powered logistics solutions like Mojro automates logistics processes from the first mile to the last mile and optimize key planning processes to make the supply chain profitable and efficient. AI-powered solutions offer numerous advantages. A study by McKinsey demonstrated that firms that adopted AI-based systems saw a reduction of 15% in logistical costs. Similarly, in a survey by Statista, 40% of participants claimed that their inventory management improved upon adopting AI-powered solutions.


Without a solid logistics plan, a company might neglect essential things like operational procedures, customer experience, and growth strategies. Making logistics strategies without considering the factors that influence logistics planning can affect the business's overall performance. It can cause disastrous effects, including poor client retention, low growth, and even the company's demise.


Factors that influence logistics planning


Some of the critical factors that influence logistics planning and management include the following:


Customer perspective


Any business would prefer to have the right amount of stock in their warehouse to meet their needs for sales or to maintain efficient production. Businesses should maintain an optimal inventory level without stocking extra or running out of resources. This makes demand forecasting one of the critical factors that influence logistics planning.


Distributor perspective


For a distributor, the ideal logistic operation includes vehicles running at total capacity on a proper schedule without encountering accidents. Though this situation may be challenging, logistics planning is done to operate fleets efficiently.




Yet another one of the crucial factors that influence logistics planning is communication. Effective distribution planning, supported by logistics planning software, must include the proper information flow, forecasting, and precise, safe, and on-time delivery.


Training and Commitment


Training personnel to carry out the demands of the logistic processes in a company entails more than merely explaining and modeling an operation. The secret to effective logistic planning and distribution management is assisting new hires in becoming comfortable with all facets of the position so that they can make informed judgments independently.


Appropriate tools


Businesses should use appropriate tools to help them plan the different processes in their logistics operation cost-effectively with ease and efficiency.


Benefits of Mojro's Planwyse in logistics planning


Planwyse by Mojro is an efficient solution allowing business managers to plan and optimize their logistics operations from the first to the last. This AI-powered solution will enable businesses to make proactive and informed planning decisions. Some benefits of using Mojro's Planwyse include the following:


Daily dynamic planning


Planwyse allows managers to plan and optimize vehicle routes based on daily demands. This also enables businesses to reroute drivers depending on ad-hoc demands and their

proximity to the delivery locations.


Advanced planning


This feature allows businesses to plan logistics operations depending on the data obtained from each leg of the on-ground processes. This will significantly improve the efficiency of different processes.


Constraints-based planning


Business constraints are one of the top factors that influence logistics planning. Mojro offers more than 120+ constraints for various businesses according to business variability. This will allow business managers to plan and prepare for all kinds of adverse.




Logistics planning can be considered one of the most important elements of logistics management, without which company processes can become inefficient. But numerous factors influence logistics planning, which must be carefully considered when devising a strategy. A practical solution like Mojro's Planwyse can help businesses plan and optimize all the legs of the logistics process.


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