Transportation Management System Examples


Transportation Management System Examples


Logistics transportation is an essential component of supply chain operations. It entails various tasks that must be effectively managed, including carrier management, cargo tracking, and delivery planning. Understanding the roles of transportation in supply chain is crucial, as even though small businesses may not feel the need to incorporate a transportation in management system into their operations, these solutions become indispensable as the business starts growing.


Studies have shown that most logistics expenses, around 40 to 50 percent, relate to transportation. This makes the implementation of a transportation management system even more critical.


What is a transportation management system?


Transportation Management System (TMS) can be defined as a platform that leverages technology to assist businesses in the planning, undertaking, and optimizing of the movement of products. Transportation logistics management software also ensures that the shipments comply with rules and regulations and that all the necessary documents are available. TMS enables managers to automate their existing procedures and gain insightful data that will help them save money and time on upcoming shipments.


How transportation management system Works


A study conducted by has indicated that approximately 35% of organizations are now employing TMS solutions to manage their transportation infrastructure. Some key features offered by TMS include the following:




TMS uses business insights and real-time data to generate reports and displays them on a single interface for easier viewing. This enhances the visibility of workers at all levels. It also enables drivers to take optimal routes, saving time and reducing transit costs.


Freight management


TMS can handle freight billing, payment, rate setting, order management, and cost-effectively manage dairy transportation for intermodal and multimodal secondary transportation.


Planning and implementation


By automatically comparing and reserving carrier rates, businesses can streamline sourcing and cargo shipping with the help of TMS.


Why use a transportation management system


A transport management solutions offers logistics business numerous benefits. Some of them include the following:


Streamline processes


TMS can aid businesses in streamlining the selection of carriers by analyzing the cargo being dispatched and correlating it with carriers available in the system. Managers can quickly review previous shipments and swiftly match identical cargo to suitable carriers by controlling the entire operation in one location.


Technological capabilities


A transportation management system lets businesses decide their routing strategy based on quotations, carrier mix, and transit time. It also simplifies the booking procedure and makes the process time-efficient.


Track Cargo


Businesses can monitor the progress of moving cargo and get notifications about any unforeseen delays or transit exceptions by using transport management system software.


Comprehensive insights


With the help of a transportation management system, businesses can store their transport-related data in one place and generate reports to examine variables like invoices, cargo transportation rates, etc.


Transportation management system examples


A logistics planning and optimization solution like Mojro catering to a party of TMS help businesses address complicated supply chain issues and use crucial information to automate decision-making. Mojro combines cutting-edge technologies like AI, Big Data, and Operations Research to quickly and effectively solve logistical issues. The intelligent decision support system also enables businesses to make optimum choices when considering trade-offs like optimizing speed or cost, resulting in a profitable supply chain.




Efficient transportation and logistics are the most essential processes deciding the success of any business. With transportation management becoming important in deciding customer satisfaction, managers should employ highly configurable, AI-powered SaaS-based solutions like Mojro to make their logistics operations highly efficient and resilient.

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