Why Growing Economies like Vietnam are Using Trip Planners?


Vietnam has been developing rapidly in recent years. Expected to grow at a rate of 6.5% in 2024, according to World Bank, the country is all set to offer a treasure trove of opportunities to businesses. Online shopping has also gained great traction in Vietnam. Statista has published reports indicating it to be one of the most rapidly growing internet economies in Asia. With an increase in online shopping comes the need for efficient logistics management and last-mile delivery. This is where an advanced technology like a trip planner comes into play for enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and fueling sustained development.

Challenges in logistics management in Vietnam and need for trip planners

Logistics management in Vietnam has evolved significantly, driven by the country's robust economic growth and increasing global trade activities. As a key player in the Southeast Asian market, Vietnam has strategically positioned itself as an attractive destination for businesses across industries. The logistics management landscape in the country, earlier characterized by a blend of traditional and modern practices, is now moving towards technology-driven solutions.

Logistics management in Vietnam comes with its own set of distinctive challenges, owing to its geography and infrastructure. The country also faces a number of issues, including subpar infrastructure, a lack of skilled workers, negative institutions and rules, convoluted administrative processes, and steep logistical costs. Urban traffic congestion and inadequate transportation infrastructure in rural areas all contribute to ineffective last-mile logistics management. Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach like a trip planner that can be offered by logistics software to optimize operations.

Mojro's magic in Vietnam's logistics management

Mojro, an innovative and AI-powered logistics optimization software offers businesses in Vietnam the perfect way to optimize their logistics management and planning processes for greater productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Mojro's Planwyse is a great route optimization solution that will enable businesses to plan daily delivery routes taking into account the geographical and infrastructure constraints of Vietnam. The 6D optimization and advanced planning features allow managers to organize logistics management processes specific to the location of operation.

Executewyse from Mojro brings real-time visibility into the logistics management operations. This allows managers to know about on-ground conditions like traffic congestion, closed routes, etc, and take delivery decisions accordingly. The returns management feature enables personnel to fulfill return requests in-between delivery stops. The progressive learning capabilities of Executewyse can auto-correct location data, even in rural areas, improving delivery service efficiency. This solution also offers regular updates on ETAS to customers and stakeholders thereby enhancing client satisfaction.


For a growing economy like Vietnam, efficient logistics management is important for ensuring sustained development, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction. Businesses can use powerful solutions like Mojro that address the multifaceted challenges associated with logistics management and last-mile delivery to boost their profits.


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