Address Resolver and Why it is Important in Southeast Asia


Logistics management is paramount for any business trying to establish and grow itself in today's fast-paced world. Streamlining logistics operations is even more complex in a diverse and dynamic region like Southeast Asia. With its unique geographical, cultural, and infrastructural characteristics, Southeast Asia presents specific challe

nges that must be addressed efficiently for businesses to gain a competitive edge. In some countries like Vietnam and the Philippines, failed deliveries amount to around 15%. This is where a solution like an address resolver becomes critical.

Understanding address resolver

An address resolver is a software application that utilizes advanced algorithms, geospatial data, and real-time mapping to accurately interpret, standardize, and validate addresses. Its main goal is to convert addresses into exact Lat longs, eliminating ambiguities, inaccuracies, and potential errors arising from variations in addressing conventions, local languages, and rapidly changing urban landscapes. An address resolver can help businesses avoid missed or delayed deliveries, enhancing client satisfaction.

Need for address resolver in Southeast Asia and how Mojro can help

Logistics management in Southeast Asia is complex and presents specific challenges that make implementing an address resolver crucial for optimizing logistics efficiency. 

Diverse languages and address formats

Southeast Asia is a region of linguistic diversity, where different countries and even regions within countries may have their languages and address formats. An address resolver like Mojro's GeoWyse provides an NLP-based address canonicalization that can convert raw addresses into a standard format, improving on-time delivery SLAs. Geowyse also offers a precision analyzer with iterative abilities to refine the geocoding ability. This will help the managers accurately resolve addresses, even in remote places.

Last-mile efficiency

Improving the efficiency of last-mile operations is critical for the success of a business. But, Southeast Asia's densely populated urban areas, coupled with narrow and complex streets, can make last-mile deliveries daunting. A geocoder like Geowyse and Mojro's Planwyse can optimize routes and ensure drivers reach precise locations. This can minimize delivery attempts and increase overall efficiency.

Optimized resource allocation

Properly allocating resources is one way businesses reduce operational costs while maintaining efficiency. An address resolver like Geowyse can equip businesses with precise location data, resulting in optimized fleet management, reduced fuel consumption, and lower operational costs.

Data analysis and machine learning capabilities

The machine learning capabilities of an address resolver like Geowyse can help businesses understand delivery patterns, customer behavior, and geographic trends. This enables managers to achieve continuous accuracy when assigning delivery routes.


Address resolver technology has emerged as an essential tool for enhancing logistics efficiency in Southeast Asia. By implementing a future-ready solution like Geowyse from Mojro, businesses can enjoy many benefits in their logistics optimization processes. Real-time resolution available with Geowyse enables quick decision-making and increases on-time delivery SLAs. The ability to do dynamic pricing and quick resolution of bulk addresses will allow cost-efficiency in logistics processes. Businesses can optimize last-mile operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction with Mojro. So, why wait? Book a demo with us to enjoy the features of Geowyse.


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