How Last Mile Delivery Gives You A Competitive Edge


Online shopping has become the norm in today's digital world, and with increasing online shopping, customers are demanding exceptional delivery services. Surveys have shown that around 80% of consumers want same-day shipping. Businesses have also realized the importance of quicker deliveries, with 51% now offering same-day delivery.

However, meeting customers' expectations for faster deliveries can be challenging. It typically entails high expenditures, expanding support needs, and increasing complexity throughout the entire logistics system. Insufficiency often happens during last-mile delivery, so optimizing it can give you a competitive edge.


Last mile delivery definition

Last-mile delivery deals with the transportation of products or goods to the end consumer from the nearest storage hub or warehouse. This is the final step in all supply chain processes. The different ways in which last mile delivery optimization can give you a competitive edge include the following:


Route and delivery optimization


Inaccurate addresses and inefficient route planning are two major reasons for delivery delays or failures, especially in the last leg of the delivery. Delayed or missed deliveries can reduce client satisfaction, and customers can shift to your rivals.

Mojro's Planwyse offers 6D optimization and daily dynamic planning, allowing businesses to optimize delivery routes based on different constraints. This will ensure that the optimal routes are selected for deliveries, reducing missed deliveries.


Modern customers now want to know the real-time location of their delivery packages. Improved visibility of supply chain and last mile delivery processes can help improve the experience of stakeholders and customers.


Mojro's Executewyse can help businesses track on-ground vehicles and send real-time updates to clients. Business managers can also make delivery allocations based on the vehicle locations improving last mile delivery speeds. This allows you to give excellent last mile delivery services to your clients at reasonable costs giving you a competitive edge.


Data-driven decisions


Customers want speedy and safe deliveries consistently. This is especially true when last-mile delivery includes products the customer may need to replenish regularly. Having consistent last-mile delivery efficiency will make clients loyal to a business. This can be achieved by making data-driven decisions. Businesses can feed the insights from previous deliveries into las mile delivery optimization solutions and automate delivery plans to ensure timely deliveries.


Mojro is an AI-driven platform that offers progressive learning features to a last-mile delivery business. This will enable business managers to analyze previous delivery data and allocate drivers and vehicles for last-mile delivery accordingly.




Last-mile delivery forms an essential part of every business, irrespective of the industry, and optimizing it will give businesses a competitive edge. Mojro can help businesses optimize their logistics processes for efficient and fast last-mile delivery.


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