Introduction to Logistics Systems Planning and Control the Mojro Way


Harward Business Review estimates that around 67% of corporate strategies fail due to poor execution. This makes efficient logistics planning as well as strategy essential to the success of a business. Logistics is responsible for the planning and managing of material movements and associated documents in businesses, both in the public and private sectors. In general, logistics aims to make product or resource deliveries at the appropriate time while maximizing performance metrics.

The main concern of logistics management is determining the best methods and timing for acquiring, moving, and storing raw materials, unfinished goods, and end products.

What is logistics system planning and control?

Logistics planning is a technique by which a business manager plans how to transport and deliver the correct commodity to the correct client at the ideal time and price. This process also focuses on building a cost-efficient logistics process that can survive supply chain interruptions and maintain service in all circumstances. Logistics planning entails streamlining procedures from the first mile to the last mile, machinery, and warehousing facilities to establish an impeccable system.

Mojro and logistics system planning and control

Mojro, a future-ready logistics platform, offers its users a logistics planning tool, Planwyse, to help businesses make proactive, informed decisions to optimize supply chain operations. Planwyse is an AI/ML-powered system enabling businesses to optimize and automate their first- to last-mile logistics processes.


Planwyse by Mojro offers its users several key features. These include the following:

Daily dynamic logistics planning

The demand for different products can vary on a day-to-day basis. Similarly, businesses may also receive ad-hoc requests, especially since customers have recently demanded same-day deliveries. The daily dynamic planning feature of Planwyse will allow business managers to optimize the routes and loads by considering all these aspects.

What-If modeling

Planwyse allows businesses to optimize their logistics operations by considering many different types of possible scenarios. This will allow managers to visualize the growth and changes that can occur in their business in the future and can analyze the way future logistics planning should be done.

Flexible modeling

Planwyse allows businesses to plan their inbound and outbound logistics operation concerning the location of the supply chain process. This flexibility makes optimization seamless and efficient.

Advanced planning

Planwyse allows multi-leg, territory-based, and continuous planning that will enable businesses to optimize their logistics operations at all supply chain stages, improving efficiency and customer experience.

6D optimization

Swift and cost-efficient logistics processes are essential for the profitability of a company. The 6D optimization feature offered by Planwyse will allow businesses to optimize cost, delivery time, and worker utilization quickly and efficiently.







Planwyse by Mojro offers its users several benefits. These include the following:




Effortless management of business variability



Businesses can encounter numerous variabilities in their daily logistics operations, like drivers calling in sick or vehicle-related issues. Mojro's logistics solution is designed to accommodate these variabilities in daily demand and allow easy management of the logistics operations in the marketplace.




Optimize expenses and resources



Planwyse allows businesses to optimize the cost, volume, weight, time, distance, and activity efficiently, thereby reducing the wastage of valuable resources and saving money.




Prevents logistics inefficiencies



Continuous planning in real-time enabled by an AI-driven system allows Planwyse to help businesses avoid inefficiencies during logistics processes.




Increase productivity



The ability to make [proactive and data-driven wise decisions will allow businesses to properly plan and optimize their routes properly, thereby eliminating inefficiencies and increasing productivity.




Improve customer experience



Efficient planning will allow businesses to deliver products to clients within the stipulated time, improving customer experience.







Effective logistics planning is essential for all businesses. With an efficient platform like Mojro, businesses can easily optimize their logistics process, improve first to last-mile delivery and increase their bottom line.


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