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In the modern landscape of global commerce, efficient transportation is a cornerstone of success for businesses. Supply chains are now becoming highly complex along with increasing client expectations. Customers now want same-day or same-hour deliveries. So, managing the movement of goods has become a strategic imperative for all kinds of businesses. This is where Transportation Management Systems (TMS) comes in.

Transportation Management Systems

TMS or Transportation Management System refers to that part of a supply chain that streamlines the transportation of material goods both in and out of the supply chain. Using TMS businesses can organize and carry out goods transportation. It includes a range of activities, including route planning, load optimization, order tracking, etc. TMS software acts as a control tower, providing visibility and control over on-ground operations, thereby enabling businesses to make informed decisions and enhance delivery efficiency.

Need for TMS

The ever-increasing need for TMS has become increasingly evident in today's complex and dynamic business landscape. In fact, a study by Peerless Research Group has shown that 26% of businesses presently utilize TMS, and 72% of those businesses have had these systems running for one to ten years. Consumers now have multiple options in the market and choose to opt for companies that fulfill all their demands. This requires businesses to have agile supply chains and logistics processes and effective TMS in place.

Benefits of TMS

An efficient TMS offers businesses numerous benefits.

Improved routing capabilities

Route optimization is important in all stages of the supply chain as it ensures speedy and accurate deliveries. Businesses can use solutions like Mojro's Planwyse to perform daily dynamic planning to optimize routes and loads while ensuring efficient resource allocation. Advanced planning features like multi-leg, territory-based, and continuous planning can help businesses make timely deliveries by making planning decisions based on different constraints.

Improved visibility

Real-time supply chain visibility is possible with the use of TMS. This allows businesses to quickly address delivery disruptions and ensure on-time deliveries. Logistics managers will also be able to know delivery delays with the help of solutions like Mojro's Executewyse. The control tower and dashboard feature of this solution will empower logistics managers to track and monitor the on-ground movements of vehicles and deliveries in one place.

Delivery tracking

Deliveries can be tracked in real-time with the help of an efficient TMS. Business managers and stakeholders will be informed of delivery delays or other unforeseen circumstances immediately when using Mojro's Executewyse. This will allow them to reroute delivery vehicles depending on the circumstances to make timely deliveries. 

Reduced costs

The use of effective TMS can significantly reduce logistics costs. An ideal solution like Mojro's Planwyse offers 6D optimization that also evaluates and optimizes the logistics costs and ensures the selection of the most effective route with less fuel consumption. An effective solution like Planwyse enables businesses to transition from single to multiple trips per day while efficiently managing return. This will eliminate the cost of extra distance traveled. It can help managers handle business variability efficiently and effortlessly. It can also eliminate logistics inefficiencies, elevating customer experience and giving productivity a big boost. 


Businesses can increase the efficiency of their transport operations and get a competitive edge by implementing efficient dispatch management strategies. A future-ready logistics solution like Mojro incorporates advanced technologies like AI and Big Data to help businesses make their supply chain highly efficient, resilient, and agile.


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