Consumer Packaged Goods: How Does CPG Shipping Work?



CPG, meaning consumer packaged goods, forms a considerable part of the global retail industry. The size of the global CPG market is anticipated to reach 2448010.38 USD million by 2028. CPG products are essential to our everyday lives. So, CPG companies must make their shipping and deliveries on time.


What is CPG?

Consumer packaged goods, CPG, are fast-selling, common goods with a limited shelf life. These include beverages, packaged foods, personal care items, cleaning supplies, and cosmetics. Most of these goods are used either daily or soon after purchase. So, they require frequent replacement or replenishment.


CPG goods can be classified into four groups:


1) Convenience goods: These are necessities that people purchase without weighing the benefits and drawbacks, like soap, milk, etc.

2) Shopping goods: These are products people may purchase after much comparison and deliberation, like cars, jewelry, etc.

3) Specialty goods: These are one-of-a-kind goods that customers know are superior to rival products, like Bugatti or Rolls Royce.

4) Unsought goods: These are goods brought due to sheer necessity, like pepper spray, fire extinguishers, etc.


How does CPG - consumer packaged goods shipping work?


CPG shipping differs slightly from other types of shipping. Most CPG products are not very large. This means companies can pack these products in bulk and in crates to ship them. A CPG client, signifying consumer packaged goods, typically receives these products in enormous quantities to match consumer demand.

Some CPG products occasionally need special handling during transportation. An example is specialty goods. Many factors must be considered when shipping such CPG goods, like the freight temperature, loading-unloading conditions, etc. You may also need to send these goods in smaller packages.


CPG shipping and Mojro effect


Effective CPG shipping needs reliable logistics tracking and optimization technology. Mojro offers a future-ready logistics optimization solution to CPG businesses that can efficiently monitor logistics processes at reasonable costs.

Mojro's CPG solution offers route and space optimization for CPG operations, which allows businesses to choose the best route and optimize the space for different sizes of packages. It also recommends efficient shipment clusters to maximize resource utilization and enhance client satisfaction.

Another essential feature of Mojro's CPG solution is multi-leg planning. This helps CPG businesses identify routes with less travel time between docks and enables faster turnaround. The network optimization feature will allow business managers to find an ideal combination of hubs, depots, and retailers to decrease inventory holding and enhance delivery velocity.


Mojro also offers end-to-end visibility into CPG logistics, enhancing the loyalty of stakeholders and clients. The advanced learning capabilities of Mojro's CPG solution will also enable businesses to make proactive planning decisions and resolve CPG shipping challenges efficiently.



CPG, meaning consumer packaged goods, is an industry that will disappear only with mankind. However, with rising competition in this industry, businesses should improve their logistics processes along with CPG marketing to stay ahead of the curve. Mojro can offer an effective solution for CPG companies to optimize their logistics process and boost customer satisfaction and profits.


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