Embracing Technology in CPG Logistic Operations




As we move further into the digital age, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for companies in the CPG, meaning the consumer packaged goods industry, to embrace technology in their logistic operations. Studies indicate that an overwhelming 91% of CPG manufacturers use or plan to use real-time data to handle their supply chains. 

A strategic outlook is required to understand how these technologies will affect CPG logistic processes fully. Otherwise, locating and implementing the ideal combination of technology can become difficult for CPG companies. This blog looks into CPG logistics technology and what to consider while adopting them.


What is CPG?

CPG, meaning consumer packaged goods, is a term used to denote merchandise or goods used and replaced by customers regularly. Consumer goods can include packaged foods, candies, beverages, cosmetics, and similar consumables. The vast CPG market is expected to reach 2808 billion USD by 2030.


Elements to consider when implementing new technology

A vast and constantly expanding array of technology is available to consumer packaged goods meaning CPG logistic processes. This might make it challenging to identify the technology suited for your business. The three things to think about when assessing new technology for your CPG business are:


Order profile

The selected technology should suit the company's daily activities and order profile. It should also suit the shipment quantity and mode, like pallets, cases, etc.


ROI vs complexity

Before deciding on a technology, you should assess the expected ROI and how challenging it will be to deploy and maintain it.


Valuable categories

It is also essential to assess the operational categories where the technology falls in process improvement, data enhancement, and physical automation.



Mojro's solutions for CPG companies

Mojro, a logistics optimization software, offers future-ready solutions for CPG companies like CPC logistics ltd. The solutions offered by Mojro have numerous features that ease CPG operations, meaning consumer packaged goods businesses. These include:


1) Space and route optimization: Mojro offers dynamic, real-time recommendations for the best fleet mix and effective clusters for extensive SKU assortments.


2) Distribution configuration: Mojro offers an extensive library of more than 120 constraints. This helps businesses make quick decisions with minimal stress.


3) Multi-leg planning: Businesses can identify optimal docks and faster and easier routes in real time by considering operational and business constraints using Mojro's CPG solution.


4) Network optimization: Mojro allows businesses to discover the best hub, depot, and retailer combinations to increase delivery speed and decrease inventory holding.


5) Stakeholder coordination: Mojro's CPG solution allows end-to-end digitization. Stakeholders can get better real-time visibility into business operations, improving their coordination.


6) Progressive learning: Mojro's data-driven CPG solution allows businesses to use performance insights while planning to enable ongoing advancements and problem-solving.




Adopting logistics optimization technologies can help CPG businesses streamline their operations and enhance customer experience. Mojro's CPG solution improves planning efficiency, reduces logistics costs, and saves time. Businesses can achieve end-to-end CPG logistics optimization with Mojro.


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