How Mojro Helped a Middle East-based Food & Beverage Giant Save up to 30% of Their Logistics Cost


The food and beverage industry is a business sector that has to put in much effort to achieve business growth. Customers always expect the highest quality of service and timely and successful product deliveries in this industry. With the online food delivery market expected to reach 1 trillion USD in 2023, businesses can expect numerous bottlenecks in optimizing logistics operations in a heavily populated region like the Middle East with its unique culture and regulations.

Logistics costs in the Middle East

A leading manufacturer of bottled water products in the Middle East, it is a dependable and affordable source of high-quality food and beverage goods for the people of Kuwait and neighboring regions. However, being a company in the Middle East, it was facing several logistics challenges, including diverse geography, congested urban areas, capacity constraints, and seasonal demands. 

The company sought efficient logistics software to streamline and optimize its logistics operations to improve customer satisfaction and decrease operational costs. This is where Mojro came into the picture.

Mojro's solution for The Company

Mojro was able to help the Middle East bottled water company reduce its logistics costs by using AI-powered optimization solutions like Planwyse and Executewyse. Mojro planned to offer the company better planning and optimization features to reduce the number of trips and increase the efficiency of each trip. Numerous important planning features were deployed, including:

  • Space and Route Optimization Constraint Modeler 
  • Geofence
  • Manual Over-Ride 
  • Backward and forward integration
  • Trips Monitoring, Exception Handling, better visibility

Mojro's Impact

Using Mojro's Planwyse, which offers a Constraint Modeler, the company could optimize space and route to ensure effective route selection in the Middle East. Using the Constraints Modeler confirmed that all internal and external constraints are considered while planning. It helped managers prepare for adverse ground conditions in a geographically diverse region like the Middle East. The Geofence feature allowed intelligence grouping of trips, enabling the company to do multiple daily trips instead of one. Mojro's solutions significantly helped the business increase its ROI. Similarly, the Manual Override helped managers make planning changes depending on the situation, ensuring cost savings.

Mojro's Executewyse offered the company better visibility into the logistics operations while drivers traverse the complex infrastructure and geography of the Middle East. This improved visibility enabled the company to identify delivery delays or other adverse situations and reroute the drivers. It prevented delivery exceptions, excessive time spent on the road, and driver idling, significantly reducing logistics costs. Proper planning and trip monitoring resulted in fewer trips and saved up to 30% on logistics costs for the company.

This company is now one of the most sought-after bottled water companies in the Middle East, with the help of the swift deliveries made possible with the use of Mojro's advanced solutions. 


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