How Mojro's Trip planner can Efficiently Optimize CEP Logistics in Malaysia



In Malaysia, the eCommerce scene is thriving, with a projected increase of online shoppers to 19.64 million by 2027. This burgeoning eCommerce sector brings forth the challenge of ensuring seamless deliveries and customer satisfaction. This is where CEP logistics and trip planners step in, playing a crucial role in streamlining operations and enhancing customer experiences.


Imagine you're an online shopper eager to receive your newly purchased item. You eagerly track the delivery status, wondering when it'll arrive at your doorstep. A well-functioning CEP logistics and trip planner ensures your package doesn't languish in transit but reaches you on time, fulfilling your expectations and building trust in the eCommerce platform.



Malaysian e-commerce boom and CEP challenges

With an increasingly tech-savvy young generation and growing e-commerce adoption, Malaysia's CEP sector is witnessing unprecedented demand. This surge presents a unique set of logistics challenges for all kinds of businesses including CEP and FMCG without an efficient trip planner. Some of these challenges include the following:

Geographical diversity

Malaysia boasts of high geographical diversity, encompassing urban centers, rural areas, and islands, and requires a versatile logistics approach to cater to varying delivery needs. Without an automated trip planner, managers may need to take a lot of time to come up with efficient CEP logistics for every location.

Urban congestion

The rapid urbanization of cities like Kuala Lumpur can lead to traffic congestion, hindering timely deliveries and increasing operational costs. The lack of a trip planner in logistics operations can force vehicles to remain idle on roads for extended periods.

Customer expectations

Rising customer expectations for prompt and accurate deliveries demand precision in route planning and execution. Without an effective route planner, delivery exceptions can happen, lowering client satisfaction.

Mojro's solution to the logistics challenges of FMCG companies in Malaysia

Mojro's Planwyse offers numerous solutions to the CEP logistics challenges faced by FMCG companies in Malaysia. This efficient trip planner has daily dynamic planning capabilities that can help managers determine efficient routes based on daily demands. Planwyse also supports continuous planning features. This aspect of the trip planner allows businesses to promptly respond to ad-hoc orders and include them in delivery plans without compromising operational efficiency.

The trip planner Planwyse sports 6D optimization. This novel feature enables CEP logistics managers to efficiently and swiftly optimize cost, volume, weight, time, distance, and activity. This makes navigating the complex geographical and infrastructure conditions of Malaysia easier at minimum costs.

Mojro's trip planner Planwyse offers businesses an extensive library of 125+ prebuilt constraints. Managers can use these constraints to develop tailored plans depending on the nature of the business and specific geographical regions. The What-if modeling feature also helps companies to be prepared in the event of an unexpected situation and perform route optimization accordingly.

Mojro's route optimization has also improved vehicle utilization by 25% and reduced the emission of over 3 million tons of greenhouse gases. Adopting Mojro's Planwyse can help businesses achieve their sustainability goals without compromising on logistics operations.


In Malaysia's fast-paced FMCG e-commerce ecosystem, CEP providers must navigate intricate logistical challenges while meeting elevated customer expectations. A trip planner like Mojro's Planwyse can be a strategic tool for businesses, revolutionizing route planning, enhancing delivery precision, and improving overall operation.


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