How Courier Software Demonstrates Savings for CEP Industry


How Courier Software Demonstrated Savings for CEP Industry


There are several situations that can occur where you want to send a package immediately to a client but don't have the resources to deliver it yourselves. Surveys have also shown that 61% of consumers prefer speedy deliveries that aren't damaged. Many businesses without in-house delivery services may struggle to meet these customer expectations. This is where courier companies can help businesses.


The CEP services send documents and packages to various clients, including retail clients, governmental organizations, and corporate clients. It essentially involves the distribution of different merchandise and goods across geographies through various transport methods, including land, air, and water.


The service provider charges a specified amount for delivering packages depending on the weight of the package and delivery priority. The CEP industry has become a significant player in the logistics industry due to its cost-effectiveness, package tracking capabilities, and safe deliveries.


Challenges faced in the CEP industry and how Mojro can help


Businesses in the CEP sector face numerous challenges in establishing smooth operations. Some of these include the following:


Last-mile delivery challenges


Efficient and on-time last-mile deliveries, which are now often turning into door-to-door deliveries, are a big challenge CEP businesses face. Inefficient route planning and incorrect addresses can impact the effectiveness of deliveries. This is where the best courier software for managing parcel and courier delivery, Mojro, comes into the picture.


Mojro's CEP solution uses a flexible structure that enables businesses to divide up new, high-priority orders among their current delivery staff and automate their delivery processes by using tools for real-time information analysis and communication to bypass any obstacles in the last stretch. This platform offers continuous planning and geo-resolver-powered optimum route planning to ensure on-time and efficient deliveries, improving customer experience.


Sorting and visibility issues


Lack of visibility can give rise to several challenges in the CEP industry, like missed or delayed deliveries, vehicles taking the wrong route, and so on, which can affect the efficiency of operations. Improper sorting can also result in incorrect deliveries.


Mojro's intuitive delivery management feature can help clients get real-time operational visibility and intervene to handle unforeseen issues swiftly. Its innovative sorting feature automates packages allocated to different delivery vehicles eliminating delivery delays and problems.




When logistics processes are not optimized in the CEP industry, it can lead to wasted resources like fuel and increased expenses.


The courier software optimization solutions like the one offered by Mojro allow CEP companies to develop their infrastructure for handling massive delivery activities automatically while guaranteeing increased efficiency. Mojro can help businesses optimize pick-up and delivery operations, enabling businesses to reduce the number of trips needed. This will reduce fuel consumption and vehicle deterioration and improve first-attempt delivery rates, thereby reducing logistics costs.




CEP is an industry expected to grow significantly in the coming years. CEP businesses should employ a courier service and tracking software, making use of cutting-edge technologies to automate and optimize their logistics processes to stay relevant in the marketplace. Mojro’s courier software optimization solution helps CEP businesses boost growth, empower staff, and lower costs.

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