Load Dispatch and Planning Frequency for Effective Logistics Operations




The logistics and supply chain industry has always been the backbone of the global economy, but the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the game. Businesses must balance customer expectations cost optimization and build resilient supply chains. A recent survey by EY found that 45% of supply chains are expected to be largely autonomous by 2035. This means that businesses need to focus on increasing the efficiency and visibility of their supply chains.
In other words, efficient supply chain and
logistics management is more critical than ever. Businesses that can adapt to the changing landscape will be the ones that succeed.

What is load dispatch logistics?


Load dispatch logistics can be defined as the process of moving an item or product from one location to another. It involves allocating shipments to specific vehicles or modes of transportation, ensuring that each load is assigned to the most appropriate vehicle. Many factors are considered in load dispatch logistics, like capacity, delivery windows, and geographical considerations.

What is logistics planning frequency?

Planning frequency refers to the intervals at which logistics operations are strategically planned, adjusted, and optimized. Planning should ideally occur at the same frequency as receiving new market information on customer demand. It should also be adaptable to real-time changes, market dynamics, and unforeseen disruptions. The planning frequency determines how often adjustments are made to routes, vehicle assignments, and delivery schedules to align with evolving demands.

How load dispatch and planning frequency can be used for efficient logistics operations?

Load dispatch and planning frequency can be used simultaneously to optimize logistics operations for increased efficiency. Some benefits these techniques offer businesses include the following:

Route optimization

Regular route planning adjustments can help facilitate route optimization, ensuring that the most efficient paths are chosen to minimize travel distances and reduce fuel consumption. An AI-powered solution like Mojro's Planwyse will help you plan your routes based on constraints like daily loads, geographic conditions, operational costs, etc.

Optimized resource utilization

Frequent planning and load dispatch logistics updates enable managers to allocate loads to available vehicles dynamically, maximizing resource utilization and minimizing idle time. Using Mojro, businesses can cluster deliveries in different locations enabling timely deliveries.

Enhanced delivery precision

Load dispatch, coupled with agile planning frequency like that offered by Mojro's Planwyse, results in on-time deliveries and meets customer expectations for delivery windows.

Adapting to demand fluctuations

Planning frequency allows businesses to swiftly respond to demand fluctuations, whether due to seasonality, market trends, or unforeseen events. This continuous or ad-hoc planning feature available with Mojro can help managers accommodate impromptu requests without affecting supply chain operations.

Cost Savings

The optimized resource allocation and efficient route planning achieved through load dispatch and planning frequency contribute to significant cost savings over time. Mojro's Planwyse offers a 6D optimization where logistics costs are optimized along with volume, weight, time, distance, and activity.


Load dispatch and planning frequency are essential in dictating the pace, precision, and efficiency of the supply chain and logistics processes. If you are looking for efficient logistics optimization software to enhance your operations while keeping costs minimum, Mojro can help you. Mojro's effective future-ready solution can help companies achieve unparalleled efficiency and operational excellence in logistics processes.


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