Optimizing Last-Mile Delivery with Route Optimization Software



In the rapidly evolving landscape of e-commerce and supply chain management, last mile delivery has emerged as a critical battleground for businesses aiming to provide seamless customer experiences while maximizing operational efficiency. With worldwide retail eCommerce sales expected to cross 7 trillion USD by 2025, according to Insider Intelligence, it is safe to assume that every business will need a reliable last mile delivery strategy. But the last mile delivery logistics presents a unique set of challenges for logistics managers. This is where route optimization software can help companies tackle them and transform last mile delivery into a strategic advantage.

Last mile delivery route optimization challenges

Last mile delivery, though the shortest part of a company's supply chain, presents a range of intricate challenges that significantly impact the success of businesses and customer satisfaction. Some common route optimization challenges logistics managers can face in their last mile delivery processes include the following:

Business constraints

Many companies face specific constraints in their logistics operations. This applies to route optimization too. If the specific constraints are overlooked when establishing routes, a significant number of manual modifications may be necessary for the delivery processes, affecting efficiency.

Dynamic delivery environment

The extremely dynamic and ever-changing environment of on-ground operations presents one of the main challenges in last mile route optimization. Last mile delivery is chock-full of obstacles, including no parking, wrong addresses, missing customers, and traffic jams. This makes each delivery trip highly changeable and demands the highest level of responsiveness. Routes need to be planned and optimized continuously based on dynamic demands. In many cases, managers may also need to include return requests in between order deliveries.

Mojro's solution to optimizing last mile delivery

Mojro, one of the best route optimization software, offers businesses an efficient solution to all their last mile delivery optimization challenges. Mojro's Planwyse enables logistics managers to optimize the last mile delivery routes depending on the daily fluctuation of demand and orders. This allows efficient allocation and utilization of resources improving the ROI and reducing the last mile delivery operation costs. This future-ready solution also possesses 6D optimization features that offer efficient route optimization along with the optimization of volume, cost, time, weight, and activity. 

The Constraints Manager of Planwyse has a library of 125+ prebuilt constraints. This, along with the What-if Modelling feature, will help logistics managers to determine the most efficient route in all kinds of adverse and unforeseen conditions. Advanced planning features of Planwyse like multi-leg, territory-based, and continuous planning will also help businesses identify the most feasible route with limited wastage of resources and maximum utilization of vehicles.


Mojro, one of the best route optimization software in the market right now, has redefined the possibilities in last mile delivery. It offers businesses a powerful tool to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate customer satisfaction through future-ready technologies.


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