What is Transport Management System - Guide to Choose the Best TMS for Your Business


Effective transportation management is a cornerstone of successful supply chain operations in today's dynamic and interconnected world. Many businesses now opt for a Transport Management System (TMS) for their logistics operations to improve their customer satisfaction. Studies have predicted that the transportation management market will reach 11.36 billion USD by 2027. This indicates that many companies will soon be open to adopting TMS technology to streamline their operations. While you are geared up to revamp your business, knowing how to choose the best-fit solution is essential.

Understanding TMS

Transport Management System (TMS) is a software solution designed to optimize and streamline the planning, execution, and monitoring of transit activities. It brings automation and visibility to logistics operations. This enables real-time decision-making, reduces manual errors, and facilitates seamless stakeholder communication. It also empowers businesses to achieve cost savings, enhance operational efficiency, and provide superior customer service. 

Need for TMS

An efficient TMS offers businesses several key benefits, including the following:

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities provide end-to-end visibility into transportation activities, enabling proactive issue resolution.
  • TMS optimizes delivery routes, consolidates shipments, and ensures efficient carrier selection, reducing transportation costs.
  • TMS helps allocate resources effectively, leading to better asset utilization and reduced empty miles.
  • Automation of manual tasks, such as route optimization, increases operational efficiency and reduces processing time.
  • Timely deliveries, accurate tracking, and updates create a positive customer experience.

Choosing the best TMS for your business

Choosing a TMS perfect for your business can feel challenging for many, especially with the many available options. This is where selecting a future-ready and AI-powered solution like Mojro can be your best decision. Mojro can give businesses an edge, irrespective of the industry. Mojro's Planwyse offers a 6D optimization feature enabling businesses to optimize volume, cost, time, weight, distance, and activity effectively to ensure the delivery drivers take the most efficient route. This can significantly reduce operational costs and improve client satisfaction. Managers can also identify feasible routes depending on traffic, geographical conditions, and daily loads using Planwyse. 

Mojro's Executewyse gives managers a control tower view and improved visibility from first to last-mile operations, enabling them to make informed delivery decisions influenced by on-ground conditions. They can direct drivers to take better routes in case of traffic congestion or similar adverse circumstances to ensure timely deliveries. This solution gives them regular updates on ETAs and Proof of deliveries to improve their logistics operations.

Packwyse from Mojro can help businesses with carton selections and make intelligent loading choices to ensure an optimal fill rate. The constraints manager of Packwyse empowers managers to make decisions on the packing of hazardous materials, fragile goods, and items of non-standard shapes, improving operational efficiency.


A Transport Management System (TMS) revolutionizes transportation operations, driving efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. A perfect TMS can help you plan and optimize routes efficiently, streamline load optimization, track shipments, reduce operational costs, and improve efficiency. An efficient logistics optimization solution like Mojro is more than just a TMS. Businesses can effectively improve their logistics processes, improve operational visibility, enhance customer service, and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace using Mojro's. Schedule a demo with us today to experience the Mojro magic.


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