Dispatch Planning for Optimal Last-Mile Logistics


The global logistics market has become highly competitive with improving technology and an increasing number of online shoppers. This burgeoning logistics sector has pressured businesses to maintain timely deliveries while reducing costs. But maintaining this delicate balance is not always easy. A survey conducted by Descartes has shown that 75% of customers reported delivery issues three months before the poll. Also, 23% indicated they were unlikely to buy from the shop again. This makes optimizing last-mile logistics one of the most crucial parts of supply chain and logistics management.

The role of dispatch planning in last-mile logistics

Dispatch planning is crucial in effectively coordinating the movement of goods, delivery routes, and resources in a logistics operation. It has many roles in last-mile logistics, including the following:

Route optimization

Dispatch planning plays a crucial role in route planning in last-mile logistics. Through proper planning, businesses can identify optimal routes, minimize travel distances, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance delivery efficiency.

Dynamic adjustments

Dispatch planning enables real-time adjustment of routes in last-mile logistics optimization depending on unforeseen events, like traffic congestion or weather disruptions.

Resource allocation

Effective dispatch planning allocates delivery vehicles, drivers, and other resources based on order volume, delivery windows, and vehicle capacity. This ensures maximum resource utilization and minimizes idle time.

Mojro's magic for optimizing last-mile logistics

Today, last-mile logistics is about delivering timely deliveries at the most minimal costs possible. But this is easier said than done for businesses without the help of efficient logistics optimization software. This is where a comprehensive solution like Mojro comes into the picture.

Mojro offers businesses a last-mile logistics automation and optimization solution to navigate any obstacles they may encounter in the logistics operations' final stretch. Many businesses often face issues with last-mile logistics due to a lack of on-ground visibility, improper and inefficient planning, and inaccurate addresses.

Mojro gives businesses better oversight over last-mile operations, which minimizes inefficiencies. Mojro's Planwyse offers dynamic planning capabilities, enabling flexible delivery windows and efficient resource allocation to fulfill delivery SLAs. Executewyse from Mojro allows real-time tracking of last-mile logistics processes, which helps businesses make dispatch adjustments depending on unforeseen events. Proper route planning is also possible with Mojro's real-time geo-resolver Geowyse. This ensures the timely delivery of packages and decreases driver stress and delivery exceptions. Businesses will also gain loyal and repeat customers through proper dynamic planning with Mojro.


In the dynamic landscape of last-mile logistics, effective dispatch planning emerges as a strategic imperative that shapes customer experiences and operational efficiency. Mojro can help businesses optimize their operations during every step of their last-mile logistics processes for making swift and accurate deliveries.


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